MolSSI Integral Reference Project
Using the MIRP library

Using MIRP from CMake

This section assumes that MIRP has been installed - compiling against and linking to the source or build directories is not supported.

MIRP can be included in a CMake project using the usual find_package facility and specifying the path to the MIRP root directory (that 'include', 'share', etc) as a CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH variable. The path(s) to dependencies may also need to be included as well.

Then, a project can be linked to mirp::mirp, which will add the libraries and include paths to the target.

All header files are in a mirp subdirectory. Therefore, the main header is <mirp/mirp.h>.

Examples can be found in the examples subdirectory of the MIRP source.

Using MIRP without CMake

Using MIRP without CMake is straightforward as well. You only need to add the include path to your compilation command line, and to link against the library in lib64. If dependencies are installed elsewhere, they must also be added, of course.