MolSSI Integral Reference Project
Obtaining Binaries of MIRP and Dependencies

About the Binaries

These binaries should be self contained and require no other libraries (other than the common system libraries).

The dependencies packages contain compiled binaries of Arb, Flint, MPFR, and GMP. These are also contained in the "MIRP + Dependencies" packages, along with the MIRP library and executables. The executables are statically-linked to libstdc++. Each package contains a README explaining the contents, licenses, and how they were compiled.

In both types of packages, the RUNPATH for each library and executable are set to search the lib64 directory of the package (via $ORIGIN, see Therefore, you shouldn't need to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using.

Bugs and requests for other architectures can be reported via github issues or by emailing the main author directly.

The packages containing just the dependencies are generally useful only to developers of MIRP, but may be helpful to users.
These packages are somewhat experimental

Direct Links to Downloads

The binaries are available for different architectures. Currently, only Intel architectures are supported, but more will be added in the future. It is usually safe to err on the side of using a binary built for earlier architectures. If in doubt, the core2 binary should run on any processor made after circa 2006.

Architecture MIRP + Dependencies Dependencies only
core2 mirp_v1.0.0_core2.tar.bz2 mirp_deps_v1.0.0_core2.tar.bz2
nehalem mirp_v1.0.0_nehalem.tar.bz2 mirp_deps_v1.0.0_nehalem.tar.bz2
sandybridge mirp_v1.0.0_sandybridge.tar.bz2 mirp_deps_v1.0.0_sandybridge.tar.bz2
haswell mirp_v1.0.0_haswell.tar.bz2 mirp_deps_v1.0.0_haswell.tar.bz2
skylake mirp_v1.0.0_skylake.tar.bz2 mirp_deps_v1.0.0_skylake.tar.bz2
knl mirp_v1.0.0_knl.tar.bz2 mirp_deps_v1.0.0_knl.tar.bz2